Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twilight, the Movie - A Review

I actually saw this movie under less-than-ideal circumstances and I loved it! We watched it on Pay-Per-View at my in-laws' house, with a large fluffy dog nosing around, and numerous side conversations, but it was still a thrilling experience.

I felt it was quite otherworldly ... I think this might have been because of the creepy, ghostly glow on the characters' faces and the weird colours of the grass and sky. I thought this added, rather than detracted from the viewing experience. I really liked the story, and the whole "world" that the author created for the vampires. (Very cool house, by the way!!)

Having said all that, I do not believe that this is the next Harry Potter-type craze. The movie is not really a must-see unless you're a person for whom it's important to see what everyone's talking about (like me!).

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